World Music Festival, Quebec, Canada, Mainstage Closing Act for 2019


Nelson Stewart, leader of international Celtic/Rock/World group the American Rogues (theamericanrogues.com/home), has long had a deep interest in Japanese culture and even studied Japanese history and ethnomusicology in university.  After performing in Japan with the American Rogues he knew that he wanted to take that interest to a new level and began developing the concept of a Celtic/Japanese Hybrid Music group.  After Nelson approached Kiyoshi Nagata, leader of world-renowned Japanese group Nagata Shachu (nagatashachu.com) about a possible collaboration that idea quickly grew when the two had their first meeting and quickly bonded.  Originally Nelson didn’t realize that they had already worked together — as it turned out both bands had appeared on different episodes of Maxim Kravchinsky's award-winning show, “The Sounds of Canada”.  After their first rehearsal together, where the members felt an instant connection (these musicians are friends in addition to being colleagues), Nelson and Kiyoshi knew that there was real potential for something new and exciting.  Shortly thereafter the two groups appeared together at a sold-out show at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre in Toronto, Canada, where they received a standing ovation.  Following that, now known as “The Dragon & the Rising Sun”, they appeared at the World Music Festival in Sherbrooke, Quebec, where they were again very warmly received as the 2019 Mainstage Closing Act by a large, enthusiastic crowd.  A review of that show by Daily Rock’s Sébastien Tacheron described the Celtic/Japanese supergroup as, “Incroyable (Incredible)!” (FULL ARTICLE HERE)  

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Sold-Out Performance, Harbourfront Centre Theatre, Toronto, Canada. Standing ovation.